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Community Cousins was founded in the aftermath of the riots that erupted in Los Angeles following the Rodney King verdict.  The goal of the program is to offer an easy, comfortable opportunity for people of all races to get to KNOW and CARE about each other.  The most compelling testimony to the effectiveness of this program is the responses of the families who have participated.  Here’s what some of the Cousins have to say:
“Every year around Martin Luther King Day and Black History Month people wring their hands and talk about improving race relations. But Community Cousins offers every person an opportunity to do something about improving understanding between people of different races every day of the year. It's meant a lot to our family.... we've made so many wonderful friends. I'm so tired of people talking about things once a year and I’m happy that my family has gotten involved so we can actually do something constructive."
- Katie
"I got involved because Community Cousins came forward with a truism that I don’t think has been acted on before: knowledge is the way to deal with ignorance. And when people get to know each other, it tends to break down the myths that we have.”
- Napoleon

“Community Cousins has provided a fantastic opportunity for my entire family. We have made real friends who feel like real cousins and who share a commitment to get past racial stereotypes and promote friendship that is more than skin deep.”
- Kim

“Having an adopted daughter with a different ethnic background than ours could have been much tougher to deal with without Community Cousins. Community Cousins has been a powerful catalyst in seeing the sameness in us all rather than the differences. We feel lucky to have met so many wonderful families who embrace the concept of oneness and cherish and value each other. Eliminating racial barriers by coming together as Cousins couldn’t be more fun and positive. We love it.”- Paula

“Community Cousins’ work among families to create opportunities for people to acquire understanding about each other is perhaps the most important grass roots movement in the country. We must do something to help each other overcome our fears of each other. I know that racism comes in many forms - you’ve inspired me to keep going and keep hoping that someday people will stop hating each other because of racial differences.”
- Sylvia

“One can always learn about cultures by attending concerts and performances, but Community Cousins is deeper than that. Friends are made and experiences shared. As we see familiar faces on a regular basis, and gradually get to know each other, a subtle bond is created.”
- Linda

“My family and I have been active members of Community Cousins since 1995. It has been, without exception, one of the most positive experiences we have had. Although we are all very busy with our daily routines, we always look forward with pleasure to the times we can get together with our Cousins for fun. We have shared birthdays, anniversaries, dinners, concerts and beach parties. Through Community Cousins, I have met many wonderful people and established relationships that go far beyond casual contact. In fact, the family we’re been paired with can often be found at my house on holidays or my family at theirs. We really enjoy our get-togethers and look forward to seeing each other. I highly endorse the concept of Community Cousins and would be very pleased to see this very positive and worthwhile program expanded throughout the nation.”
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